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Regular Programmes

These constitute short courses (1 - 4 weeks), certificate programs (4 - 6 months), and preparatory courses for international professional examinations, and program for community support (a series of courses for filling identified skill gaps in the Muslim community).

These programmes are a consistent part of our calendar, and, therefore, constitute the core component of our operations.

Short Courses and Certificate Programmes

Short courses are courses in various fields of expertise which, by their nature and content, are expected to run for a duration of between one and four weeks. Such courses are either independent or part of the group of courses that make up the certificate programmes. Certificate programmes, on the other hand, are non-credit programmes designed to give the subscriber a comprehensive training in specific career paths to improve their competence in their current roles, help them move up their career ladder, or help them, immediately, in their quest for earning a living or switching careers. Each certificate programme consists of at least four short courses, each of which is designed to constitute an integral component of the specific skill that the certificate programme seeks to offer our clients.

Programmes here are organized into academies to ensure that they are administered effectively. The academies include the following: Software Engineering Academy, Data Academy, Artificial Intelligence Academy, Networking Academy, and Business Academy. In each of these academies, there are short courses, some which add up to certificate programmes.

Coursera for Campus

This is a collaborative programme between CfPD and Coursera, that allows our subscribers/students to enroll into specific courses (found in the course guide below) and certificate programmes, offered on the Coursera platform. Subscribers to our Coursera for Campus programme will be given a six-month access to the courses and programmes they enroll into for a highly-subsidized fee of $200. In addition to the specific course enrolled into, our subscribers also get free access to any other available course/programme on the Coursera platform for the six-month period.

For courses/programmes directly enrolled, students will be required to attend regular classes at CfPD’s resource labs through our course time tables, and will be required to finish and submit assignments/projects within stipulated times to qualify for graduation. This is to ensure that students are able to follow the programmes with the desired level of discipline, and are able to complete them within six months of enrolment. CfPD tutors will also be available to offer assistance to students on difficulties they face in the courses they undertake.

Preparatory Courses

These are courses designed to equip our clients with the skill and knowledge to excel in specific professional exams, notably the ICA and PMP. There are plans to work with international certification issuing organizations such AWS, Microsoft and Google, to not only recognize us as a training center for their certification examinations but to also serve as a recognized examination center for the certifications they offer.

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Specialised Programmes

These constitute workshops, and training programmes tailored to the needs of specific professional target groups/institutions, organized periodically either as an initiative of the center or on the basis of invitation. The subjects covered, in their broad sense, can be found in our regular programmes curriculum, but would be designed to meet the specific needs of our target group or inviting institution. Our main target groups/institutions include SMEs, financial institutions, healthcare professionals, owners and/or staff of pre-university level schools, etc.

Under this, we also have a community support programme, designed to help fill identified skill gaps in the Ghanaian Muslim community. In line with this, we hope to collaborate with the National Muslim Conference, Ghana (NMC) towards the attainment of its goal of ‘enhanced economic empowerment of the Muslim woman, education, practical TVET for the youth, and the inculcation of Islamic morals in the youth’, as outlined in a communique issued by the abovementioned organization on September 25, 2022.

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Consultancy Services

These are services we offer in areas of market research, financial modeling for SMEs, business strategy, and web development. More services will be rolled out in the future as we expand the frontiers of our operations.