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The Centre for Professional Development (CfPD), of Lakeside University College Ghana (LUCG), was established to complement the university’s broad vision of becoming “a respected science and technology university, renowned for high ethical standards and academic excellence”. Service delivery at the centre is driven by the pursuit of excellence, and the production of outcomes that are effective and professional.

At CfPD, we offer opportunities of learning for all persons who aspire to attain skills necessary for switching careers, moving up the career ladder, or entering into completely new career paths. Our programmes and courses are short term in duration, designed to ensure that participants are equipped with relevant tools to succeed in their chosen paths, and delivered in an environment that is comfortable, enabling, and performance-enhancing. We have a highly professional and competent staff to make your learning experience worthwhile. Our training sessions are:

  • Engaging - through promoting active student-centered learning;
  • Balanced - through ensuring the right balance between theoretical and practical learning, through face-to-face student-teacher engagement, and opportunities for real-world hands-on practical experience; and
  • Resourceful - through equipping learners with tangible resources (slides, handouts, recorded tutorials) to extend learning and support practice improvement.

In addition to our learning and upskilling programmes, we offer consultancy services in areas of business planning, business strategy development, market research, social research, and web design. Are you planning to establish a business, redesign your business strategy, understand your product’s (service’s) market domain, embark on a new marketing campaign, and more? CfPD is the partner you need to actualize your business goals. We offer quality business consultancy with affordable pricing.

Services There are three main services offered by the centre. These include Regular Programmes, Specialized Programmes, and Consultancy Services.
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Develop your professional skills with our available courses.

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There are three main services offered by the centre.

Regular Programmes

Specialised Programmes

Consultancy Services


Our staff is on hand and happy to help you in every step of your educational journey.